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cool, sidney!!! but how come i didn't know all this? hahah. the look delicious. i'm guilty of playing with the colored chicks, though. my kid sister won 1 from a school celebration. ^^ hehehe.


The males are useless for the egg indusry but they could wait to be a little bigger before killing them and sell them as meat.


Can't look at the videos.. too sad I am sure. I feel bad for animals that are.. just discarded like that. Surely they could be used for a while.. be meat animals.. but little happy babys just.. destroyed. Ug.


I was not aware of this at all, well documented but quite disgusting and inhumane


Chicks freak me out! I wonder if this has something to do with the poultry farm we used to have.

Looking forward to the weekend?

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Otto K.

that is really sad. glad I'm a vegetarian. and glad that male chickens are useful (at least as food) in the Philippines.


I'm glad I'm not a chick.


Colored chicks, that's something i had never heard of. For the rest, it's the same industry in the whole world... I guess i should become a full time vegetarian...


This is so sad...


sad facts, never knew about this

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